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"Views Equestrian has been great for me. I went from riding school horses to having the confidence to tackle horse selection and horse ownership.Tara helped me greatly with this transition and settling period. Always available for support, motivation and inspiration. Tara is great at being constructive, encouraging and effective."



Lucy, 26yo, Vet

"Tara is a fantastic riding coach, she has been the perfect mix of encouraging, knowledgeable and fun for me. Her school horses are also first class, ensuring that even as an experienced rider I can be challenged and learn more and more with every lesson. I recommend Views Equestrian to everyone!"




"After a bad fall I was pretty nervous to ride again but with Tara’s encouragement and knowledge, I have become more confident with every ride. Thanks Tara."



Peta, 50yo, Shift Worker

"I love going for lessons with Tara whether it be on my horse or a school horse. I learn something new, it is fun and most importantly I always feel safe. Tara helped me get back into riding after a long break. I have found Tara to be wise beyond her years. She able to push me outside my comfort zone without it scaring me. A truly rare individual in the coaching world. Tara loves her job, people and of course the horses. I would be lost without her."

"Mel" and her horse "Bailey"

"Peta" and her horse "Silk"



"I don’t know how to put it in words but in a nutshell...Tara has been incredible with me from the beginning, tackling my confidence issues and increasing my skills and ability with every ride since. Challenging me every time and keeping things interesting. I feel good after each and every ride, I’ve accomplished something.

Tara is incredibly patient and kind. everything gets explained in a way that makes sense- so you understand ‘why’. Prior to Tara I found myself stuck and not moving forwards, never understanding why and when. Now it’s all coming together. Thank you Tara... you bloody ripper"




"Being new to horses after years of racing and riding dirt bikes, Views Equestrian has been absolutely incredible. I have a lot of muscle memory habits that are perfect for riding a motorbike and a disaster for riding a horse but the team at Views equestrian have been nothing short of amazing and working with me to retrain my muscles and my brain.

After trying a few other instructors in the area I was feeling really disheartened and like maybe horse riding just wasn’t for me but Tara and Jane’s support and coaching have been just wonderful and created such a spark and passion in me that I am constantly wanting to ride more and now have my very own horse.

I can’t thank Tara and Jane enough for their constant support, encouragement and fun times while guiding me this exciting new chapter!"




"Tara has a wonderful way of teaching, fun, simple, effective and always knowing how and what to do even with a complicated horse. I'm glad I have been going to Tara for almost 4 years, and I gained so much confidence and knowledge in training horses and myself. So a massive thanks to Tara and I highly recommend Views Equestrian."




"Over the years Tara has been an amazing coach for my daughter. Tara’s encouraging words, positive attitude and dedication towards teaching young kids the skills needed to own and ride a horse is impeccable. Highly recommended."

"Lys" and school horse "Star"


Aimee, 22yo, Uni Student

"I have been riding at views equestrian for about 10 years and I have also have worked here and not only have I learnt the proper riding techniques but also looking after them probably. views equestrian is a fun no pressure learning environment would highly recommend views equestrian for lessons or horse training."





"I first met both Tara and Jane 6yrs ago being new to the area they were my first point of contact needing advice on buying a horse after being out of the game for many years.. I then sent my first horse for training at Tara's and have since added to my collection 😜.. I have had so much help from them and built a strong friendship 🥰.. It's hard to find genuine honest people in this industry like them. 👍 Picture my Andalusian at Views Equestrian




Allira, 14yo, Student

"Can’t explain how much Jane and Tara have helped me! I’m so greatful for Tara as my coach and Jane, they both blessed me with my gorgeous horse Mate xx"





"I can’t more highly recommend Views Equestrian. Tara is brilliant!! After a 25 year break from riding I went to Views on the recommendation of friends. Not only is Tara a fabulous teacher she is an incredible communicator, extremely friendly and knows when to push you and when to nurture and encourage her. My husband is now learning to ride with her and so is my step daughter. I have to mention the fantastic school horses at Views that are amazing at helping you get your confidence back and are incredible teachers in their own rights. Lastly I need to mention Tara's mum Jane who has an incredible depth of knowledge about horses and is incredibly generous with her time and advice. We are proud to be a part of the Views family and I now have my own horse xx"

"Ilka" and her horse "Anna"

"Allira" and her horse "Mate"

"Bron" with her horse "Ellie"


Katrina, 16yo, Student

I can’t explain how much Tara and Jane have helped me reach my riding goals.I always feel so safe and confident in lesson with Tara and her amazing teaching skills. 100% the best instructor ever🤗



"Katrina" and her horse "Chester"