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795 Glen Martin Road,
Clarence Town, NSW, 2321
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Horse Training


Going on Holiday??... Or needing detailed training for your horse??


At Views our biggest passion is to help horses and riders progress as a combination!! We use "Horse Training" as a way to access and understand your horses personality, and then help YOU acquire the tools to best sustain and build on the horses' confidence and knowledge him/her acquires through training here. It makes for a much smoother process when the horse is given a 'head start' towards the specific goals the rider is wanting to achieve. We do however, firmly believe that the RIDER is key to the development of a successful partnership.....


......Lessons will be another HUGE aspect to you and yours horses development. We strongly advise booking lessons during or after the "Horse Training" period. We want to help you have the confidence to continue and build on the lessons your horse has learnt.
What's included in Horse Training:
  • Ridden/Schooled 4times/week
  • Rugging and Unrugging in all conditions
  • Full Care and maintenance of horses health
  • Private Paddock
  • Frequent video and picture updates
  • Equissage Therapy treatments


Full Training/Week Individual Rides (+ Agistment) Credit Card
$396 $85 + $132 Agistment 2% added to full cost on Agistment and Full Training (not individual riding cost)
CLICK on the images bellow to see ALL our Horse Training details.....


2/5/2018 Testimonial "Sarah and Link"


I sent my 6 year old Andalusian x TB gelding to Tara for some schooling in April 2018. He had been broken in at the end of 2016 with several large spells and started to become unmanageable.....Being a complicated and spooky horse, i didn’t want to send him to just anyone for schooling.....he is very sensitive and reactive to the wrong kind of handling.


Upon finding Tara, I knew straight away she was perfect for him. Her approach to schooling is soft, gentle and quiet which develops the best possible results in a rewarding and comforting environment for the horse.


Within three weeks I noticed a huge difference in the horse, he is much more relaxed and focused and hasn’t had one spook or shy since returning home. A huge change from a horse that would shy constantly, and be tense/worried throughout the whole ride. I cannot recommend Tara highly enough and will be using her services in the future!!


Check out "Link" at a training day after his schooling....




FIND MORE Horse Training videos on our Facebook and Instagram.....





Kathy and Lunar - Wallalong 
I would recommend Tara at Views Equestrian to anyone wanting a kind, caring and knowledgeable training/re-education experience for their horse.  I am so impressed that I hope to send another of our horses to Tara for some Dressage training in the future.
Brian Crooks - Williamtown 

I would like to send my appreciation to Tara Sheridan of views equestrian, her personal training and schooling techniques  are excellent,and agistment and horse care facility`s are second to none, I would strongly recommend her knowledge and dedication to all . 


Hi Tara


I just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts you have put into our stockhorse, Monty, during his recent training stay with you. To say he has improved would be an understatement. To say he NOW has the manners of a gentleman, the patience of a saint and finally, finally a steady trot would be getting far nearer the truth.


Obviously with myself being total beginner and Monty still feeling his way in our family, there have been some large hurdles to overcome. We can’t believe the progress that both of us have made in the past 6 months and none of it would be possible without your guidance and tuition.


You have a remarkable talent of relating to both the rider and the horse and adapting your training to best serve their needs. We now have a horse that I confidently improve my skills on and also one that will serve my kids.


You continue to train our whole family, and our horses and we couldn’t be happier. Your skills and your enthusiastic disposition are an extremely rare commodity. Keep up the good work


Thank you!


Mark Webb


Kathy - Wallalong
I found Tara Sheridan and Views Equestrian after much searching for a kind trainer for my 7 year old troubled Mare.
I could not risk sending her to someone who may further upset the horse, as she was a rescue project that I felt had previously been mishandled.
Upon speaking to Tara for the first time, I was immediately at ease with her calm demeanour and knowledge.  She listened to what I needed out of the Mare, made some suggestions, and explained how she would go about training.
My horse Lunar, was cared for beautifully, and Tara kept me up-dated as to her progress.  Lunar settled down very well at Views, and was happy and healthy upon her return to me.
Lunar has been much easier to handle after Tara's training, and I feel more confident knowing that she had been put in different situations, tested and treated in a kind, calm and professional way.
I am extremely happy with Lunar's training not to mention the very reasonable cost and follow up enquiries as to her progress upon her return home.