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Our facilities at Views Equestrian are second to none, and we have finally decided to open up our gates to agistment!


What is Included in Agistment?

  • Private paddock Access to fantastic facilities (dressage arena, jumping arena)
  • Rugging and Un-rugging in all conditions Feeding as necessary
  • Full Care and maintenance of your horse
  • Float Parking
  • Coach on site
  • XC Course available under instruction only
  • Discount on lessons ($5 each lesson)


What is required to have your horse on agistment?


  • If you intend to ride, you MUST be an ea member
  • Please be clean and tidy in the tack area for WHS reasons
  • Clean up after your horse in the arenas and tie up areas
  • Agistment Payments via Direct Transfer or Cash ONLY
  • Lessons take priority on arena use. We have 2 arenas so there will always be one free from a lesson.
  • Please provide notification if you intend to ride your horse (day before notification is adequate)
  • Horses MUST be vaccinated against tetanus/strangles and under a regular worming regime.
  • Provide 2 buckets per horse for morning and night feeds
  • Feed can be brought out when needed, or we can order it for you from our supplier

COST: $132/week